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                Personalized Photo Engraving


How long does the process take from beginning to end
Our goal is to provide you with a proof within 48 hours & once we recieve approval of such proof & pay for the items, another 1 - 3 days to engrave and ship to your location.  During high volume times, these time lines may vary.

What is a proof and why do I need a proof?
We want to ensure you receive the best product we have to offer however there are times when your vision and our vision are not on the same page.  A proof allows us to create a soft copy for you to view and approve font, photo placement, etc... before we start the engraving process. Once the engraving process starts, the results are permanent. 

Does photo quality manner
The quality of the image engraved on our platforms depend heavily on the quality of your photo. Recommend photo quality of 300 to 600 DPI. Normally, smart phones do not meet the standard however they are getting better and at times we are able to use them.   We reserve the right to refuse a photo do to poor quality.  If emailing photo we recommend the following file types: TIFF, PSD or JPEG.  

How Do I Clean Engraved Products

The best way for cleaning engraved marble is with a dry cloth. If needed may use a damp cloth to remove residue. However, never use soap, detergent or cleaning products to clean marble because it can stain the surface. If the marble is displayed outdoors, calcium deposits can build up and discolor the engraving, it is recommended to clean the marble every so often with the guidelines mentioned above.

The best way of cleaning engraved wood is with furniture polish.  Spray polish on a cloth & clean around but not directly on the engraved areas.

The best way of cleaning engraved glass or mirror is with Windex.  Spray Windex on a cloth & clean around but not directly on the engraved areas.

What is the difference between Granite and Marble
Granite is a crystallized material, due to being melted and slowly cooled to form crystals. Marble is a sedimentary material that has never been melted, only compress from pressure and time. Marble is not as hard as granite and therefore will scratch under foot traffic. 

Although we sell mostly marble, we can engrave on granite for out door use or if there will be foot traffic…when placing your order please let the salesperson know to special order granite instead of marble.

What is your Privacy Policy
Etch It Memories use of personal information that you may submit to Etch It Memories will stay private and will not be sold, rented or shared to other companies.  All data is used for Etch It Memories only.  Finished products may be used by Etch It Memories for advertising purposes only.  Please inform salesman if you wish not to have your images of our final product used for advertising.

What is your Return Policy
Since we allow you to view and approve your design (proof) to your specifications, you may not return merchandise unless the merchandise was not made according to the specifications or if damaged during shipping.  Customers have 7 days from the delivery date to email Etch It Memories for return instructions.

Email our returns office at for return instructions, processing number or if you have any questions.  

Bulk Pricing - (for example, coasters or ornaments as wedding favors)
For bulk purchase inquires please email

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